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Clean Air, a Healthier You

Know Better Place is committed to the health and wellness of UConn Health's most valuable resource, you. Work-life balance, physical fitness, clean air, and freedom from smoking are interrelated and contribute to one’s quality of life.

Smoking and second-hand smoke is widely recognized as the single most important cause of preventable disease. As a leader in health care, we have a responsibility to implement a policy that promotes a safe and healthy environment. Therefore, the use of tobacco products in not permitted at any of the UConn Health premises.

The key to success lies in your hands and Know Better Place is here to help. Know Better Place has compiled, and is pleased to offer you, a variety of initiatives, resources and information to help you live a smoke-free life. Please visit often as it will be updated frequently with the most current information available.

Links to organizations found on this page are provided solely as a service to our users. These links do not constitute an endorsement of these organizations or their programs by UConn Health, and none should be inferred. UConn Health is not responsible for the content of the individual organization web pages found at these links. In addition, please remember to adhere to UConn Health's Information Technology Computer Use Policy.

According to the American Cancer Society, people who use telephone counseling are twice as likely to stop smoking as those who don't get this type of help. Help from a counselor can help quitters avoid many common mistakes.

Your Resources

CT Quitline
A free of charge telephone help line that provides cessation counseling, quitting information, answers to your questions, and support you need while quitting.

AA whole new way to think about quitting smoking - it's about re-learning life without cigarettes.

Guide to Quitting
Quitting is hard, so don't do it alone. The American Cancer Society is here to help.

Lung Help Line
The American Lung Association answers questions about smoking cessation.

Great American Smokeout
The American Cancer Society marked the 36th Great American Smokeout on November 17, 2011.

Additional Resources

Quit Smoking Today
smoking.gov offers a variety of tools and resources to help you quit smoking

You Can Quit Smoking
Best ways for you to quit, and quit for good. All the information in this booklet is based on scientific research about what will give you the best chances of quitting.

Connecticut Tobacco Use Cessation Programs
Listing of current programs available in CT.

Insurance Benefit Resources

Ready, Set, Stop!
For a personalized smoking cessation program, Anthem has a program available online for members

Anthem - Online Cessation Tools
Anthem has a wealth of information to assist members with the challenging decision to quit smoking.

UCHC Clean Air logo
photo of Dr. LaurencinReady to quit smoking but need some help? Check out smoking cessation program.
Thinking About Quitting?
Image of of cigarette in a knotTrying to Quit Smoking? You Have Options
UConn Health offers a variety of health services related smoking cessation

Image of smiley faceUConn Health Studies Can Help UConn Health has several smoking cessation studies in order to help you.

Photo of a CDC e-cardWords of Encouragement
Send a colorful CDC e-card that encourages healthy living, and  promotes a smoke-free lifestyle.
In the News
Join Millions and Go Smoke Free!
Photo Dr. William White interviewed on NBCA Rewarding Approach to Smoking Cessation
Watch Dr. William B. White, discuss a UConn Health research trial offering a new technique that can help you quit smoking.

Image smoke-free monday 2010 campaignTake the Smokefree Monday Pledge
Smokefree Mondays help you stay focused on quitting by renewing your commitment to a life without cigarettes every week.

Image of a podcastIn this CDC podcast, Dr. Terry Pechacek discusses smoking and ways to quit. 
A Few Good Reasons
  • Enjoy a longer, healthier life with family and friends
  • Save money - a pack-a-day habit can cost $1,000 a year, maybe more
  • Freshen up - fresher breath, clothes, hair, car and home
  • Keep your family safe from the dangers of second-hand smoke
A Few Good Reasons
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