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Staying Safe in the Workplace & Resolving Conflict

Every employee wants to feel safe at work. Incidents of workplace violence are concerning and intolerable. Prevention and being aware of warning signs are key to promoting safety.

Often, all of us encounter misunderstanding and or conflict in our professional and personal lives. We've all seen situations where different people with different goals and needs have come into conflict.

Even though conflict does exist, it is not necessarily a bad thing. Conflict is healthy and natural. It should be welcomed as as a pathway to improved communication and deeper understanding.

Human Resources is committed to assisting our employees foster an attitude of workplace safety and respect by offering a variety of services and resources for dealing with difficult and sensitive situations, making good decisions, managing conflict and improving communication. Please visit this site often as it will be updated with timely information.

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Self Help Tools


Woman listeningClashing Personalities

Personalities can get in the way of business and when personalities clash, conflict occurs - resulting in low productivity and poor engagement. Don't ignore it! Instead, learn 5 ways to address the conflict so that you can build an effective working relationship and get things done.


Woman conducting an interviewHow to Handle an Abusive Coworker 

Deal with objective data. Ed Muzio, President and CEO of Group Harmonics, suggests applying the "video camera test." Can you describe the person's behavior as though you're watching it on a TV?

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Policies and Procedures
Photo of a stop violence stopsignThe following UConn Health policies and statements include but are not limited to creating and maintaining a safe and respectful workplace:
Resolving Conflict at UConn Health
woman looking confusedAre you having conflict issues in the workplace, need help and not sure who to turn to?

UConn Health Resources

Workplace Violence Incident Form

Nothing can guarantee that an employee will not become a victim of workplace violence. These steps, however, can help reduce the odds:

  • Learn how to recognize, avoid, or diffuse potentially violent situations by attending personal safety training programs
  • Alert supervisors to any concerns about safety or security and report all incidents immediately in writing
  • Avoid traveling alone into unfamiliar locations or situations whenever possible
  • Carry only minimal money and required identification into community settings
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