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UConn Health is committed to acknowledging and appreciating the great people of our organization. In keeping with this commitment, Human Resources, through Know Better Place, offers a cohesive employee recognition program that enables us to acknowledge and recognize employees for their outstanding commitment and contribution to UConn Health.

When our staff and faculty are personally engaged, our organization is stronger, healthier and more productive. We invite you to join UConn Health's efforts in encouraging a culture where good work is noticed and appreciated. Start now. Who have you recognized today?

Program Information

Service Recognition
Acknowledgement of staff and faculty who serve our organization.
  • Annual Observances of Health Professions
    Dedicated to promoting and recognizing our health care professionals while supporting the UConn Health's core value of of professional excellence
  • Spotlight
    Recognition of departments and the people who make the organization a success
  • Years of Service Award
    Acknowledgement of staff and faculty members celebrating milestone service anniversaries and retirement.

Spontaneous Recognition
Acknowledgement of a co-worker or staff member for going the extra mile. All employees can participate in this award level. No managerial approval required.

  • WOW Award
    On the spot appreciation to a staff member, colleague, student, faculty member or volunteer for a job well done.

Peer/Manager Recognition
Recognition for an employee or team. All employees are eligible to be nominated, manager approval is required. Winners are selected by the Know Better Place “Pride in People” subcommittee.

  • PAWS Award
    Recognition of faculty, staff or volunteer who consistently performs above and beyond the expectations of the job, exhibiting being Part of a team, an Awesome attitude, a Wonderful Work Ethic, and Superior Service.
  • Husky Hero Award
    Recognition for an individual earning a total of four PAWS Awards.
  • TEAM Award
    Recognition of a team effort that that furthers the mission of UConn Health. During the process the team demonstrates Togetherness, Effort, positive,  Attitude and Motivation.
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Build Recognition into Your Daily Practices

It's amazing how those two little familiar words "thank you" sustains employees. It let's them know that they are appreciated and valued.

Know Better place offers a variety of easy-to-use recognition tools such as WOWS and PAWS, ready at your disposal. Whether you use UConn Health's programs or you use your own, the most important thing to remember is to recognize staff often!

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