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PAWS/Husky Hero Award


To endorse behaviors and activities which promotes performance excellence and to showcase employees as role models.


Employees and volunteers.


An individual who consistently performs above and beyond the expectations of his or her job. The individual is someone who time after time exhibits the following attributes:

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Part of a team
Awesome attitude
Wonderful work ethic
Superior service


A PAWS Nomination form (Word doc) is submitted to Know Better Place.

2016 PAWS Awards Schedule - 2017 Schedule Soon to be Available
Reception Submission Deadline Award Recipients
Thursday, November 19, 2015
9 to 9:45 a.m.
Onyiuke Dining Room
October 29 Qi Cheng,  Margaret Cummings, Monica DeMeo, Patricia Fagan, Christopher Fontaine,  Maura Johnson, Marsha Krolikowski, Barbara LaFrance, Jennifer Marshall, Anne Marie Ostiguy [Levack, Patrycja Szewczyk
Thursday, January 21, 2016
9 to 9:45 a.m.
Onyiuke Dining Room
January 15 Stephen Badura, Karen Casey, Elizabeth Cwalinski, Tamara Dorfman, Karen Elliott, William Garrity, Christina Iwanik, Renata Kirejczyk, Brian Kugel, Susan Levine, M.D, Jessica Loss, Barbara Stasiowska, Julie Wright
March 19, 2016

9 to 9:45 a.m.
Onyiuke Dining Room
February 26 Theresa  Baker, Richard D. Bush, Lisa A. Duchemin, Alison M. Kozakiewicz, Brian C. Luby, Zofia  Popek, Wendy L. Thibodeau, Christine M. Urban, Brittany M. Weilandt
May 21, 2016

9:15 to 10:00 a.m.
Onyiuke Dining Room
April 30 Danielle M.  Andrews, Ronald F. Arnone, Nancy D. Baccaro, Barbara B. Baron, Joann Blythe, Barbara Bowman, Francis M. Couillard, Charlene I. Decampos, Michael A. Deckers, Patricia Lane, Meghan L. Laughlan, Cindy A Letavec, Sean F. Macrae, Joan M. Montgomery, Robert R. Ramonas, Santiago, Jessica Reyes Luann M. Satherlie, Onge, Jennifer L. St. Bryan J. Wasik, Heidi A. Whiteley, Robert S. Wilkie, Sohrab Zahedi
Husky Hero: Allen Meckowski
September 24, 2016

9 to 9:45 a.m.
Onyiuke Dining Room
September 3 Laura A. Bishop, Luong T. Chiem, Gina L. Correa-Ash, Jody L. D'Antonio, Nakia D. Gibson, Kimberly A. Hackett, Kasheene R. Levett, Ingrid F. Napoletano, Eileen M. Post, Rasheen R. Rodriguez, Jill C. Sandora, Olive M. Scott, Sherry L. Tilsch, Leia E. Weiss, Brian T. Zagaja, Lijun  Zhan


An email is sent to the recipient’s manager and his or her name will appear in a Broadcast email. Awards are presented at a Know Better Place reception. Schedule is listed above.

PAWS Recipients receive an embroidered PAWS Sticker, a Certificate of Recognition and a lunch ticket redeemable at any of the UConn Health's cafés. Value not to exceed $5.00.

Husky Hero

When a UConn Health employee or volunteer earns four PAWS, they attain the designation of Husky Hero. Recipients receive a embroidered PAWS sticker, a mounted certificate, a “Hero PAWS” pin, a $50.00 gift card, and UConn gear. Their name is engraved on the Husky Hero perpetual plaque displayed on the PRIDE Wall. Combined total not to exceed $100.00.

The UConn Health 2002-2009 Husky Heroes.


Photo by Janine Gelineau

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