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Lyman Maynard Stowe Library

Meet the Department

  • Administration
    Evelyn Morgen, Director
    Mary Petruzzi
    Martha Trask
  • Circulation
    Helena Krasij
    Jackie Lewis
    John Reazer
    Jim Symolon
    Debbie Vitale
  • Collection Management
    Arta Dobbs
    Michael Gargula
    Helen Madden
    Lorelei Olander
    Lorna Wright
  • Computer Education Center
    Nancy Mainelli
    Ben Smith
  • EFTS (International ILL Billing)
    Steve Bazinet
    Lucy Piechowski
    Jola Sliwinski
  • Hartford Medical Society Historical Library
    Jennifer Miglus
  • Healthnet
    Judy Kronick
    Alberta Richetelle
  • Information and Education Services
    Kathleen Crea
    Robert Joven
    Jessica Kilham
    Madeleine Scricca
    Hongjie Wang
  • Interlibrary Loan
    Dorothy Kalahan
    Janice Otulak
  • Network Systems
    Sheryl Bai
    Danielle Cummings

Website: http://library.uchc.edu/

Did You Know?

  • You can explore the future by clicking on pre-publication issues of our e-journals – or delve into the 1800’s. We have an excellent collection of 19th Century pamphlets on the discovery of anesthesia PLUS current drug databases you can download to your iPhone or Blackberry.
  • The library has both a Facebook and a Twitter account.
  • Our most popular databases are PubMed, UpToDate, MicroMedex, and AccessMedicine

Lyman Maynard Stowe Library in the Community

  • Our department participates in a variety of community organizations including the Farmington Valley Chorale, Noah Webster House, West Hartford Historical Society, Hartford Seminary, Girl Scouts, Boys and Girls Club, animal rights groups, local churches, and local libraries and museums.

Our People

  • Kumusta! Cześć!-Our staff comes from all over the world, including Beijing, Eastern Europe and the Philippines, and speaks a variety of languages, such as Chinese, French, Italian, Polish and Tagalog.
  • LMSL’s Got Talent! We have a stained glass maker, traditional rug hooker, hand bells player, avid gardeners, musicians, dancers, and knitters.
Photo of Lyman Manard Library Staff
Bottom left to right:  Evelyn Morgen, Jessica Kilham, Ben Smith, Helen Madden, Alberta Richetelle Center left to right:  Jola Sliwinski, Madeleine Scricca, Judy Kronick, Mary Petruzzi, Sheryl Bai, Helena Krasij, Lorna Wright, Hongjie Wang Top left to right:  Lucy Piechowski, Dorothy Kalahan, Jackie Lewis, Kathleen Crea, Jenny Miglus, Jim Symolon
Photo by Stephanie Rauch
Fun Facts
  • Check THIS out ... Our cataloged items include two cases of glass eyes (one blue/green and one brown), human skulls and diseased teeth.
  • Burning the midnight oil ... We average about 160 website hits per hour between 1 and 4 a.m.
  • Come on in! ... Last year we had over 1 million in person and electronic visits to the library.
  • You’ve got questions; we’ve got answers … Our staff answered over 140,000questions in 2011.
  • Charge it ... EFTS (our international interlibrary loan billing program) processed $415K in transactions last year.
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