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Recognition Tools: The Use of Thank You

Thank you is the reward, power and resource you have to give to your boss and peers in the organization when they do something of value for you. By thanking them specifically when you catch them doing something that is helpful to you, you give them the information and motivation they need to continuing behaving in a way that’s best for you. It’s the one reward you can afford to give for partial success. Thank you is also another method of evaluating and rewarding positive work performance immediately, providing that day to day feedback.

When saying thanks:

  • Determine the values and goals and objectives you want to support. What are the behaviors that would support the organization values and contributes to the department objectives?
  • Be careful what you reward, cite the behavior you are recognizing with your thanks. Tell the employee why the behavior is import to you and the organization.
  • Provide detailed description of the behavior in your thank you (verbal or note).
  • Ensure you acknowledge the behind the scenes workers
    Acknowledge the entire team for the team success.
  • Although the WOW is an informal program it should not be a “giveaway,” which gives to employees who make meaningless contributions.

What are some actions that that supports the values?

  • Excellent Customer service. Action(s) or behavior(s) that delight customers.
  • The employee goes above and beyond the call of duty without being asked to do so.
  • Action(s) or behavior that enhance(s) the organization image.
  • Pitching in to help a co-worker.
  • Adapting willingly to change.
  • Mentoring a new employee.
  • Improved work process or a new approach to a work problem.

Examples of citing the behavior you are acknowledging:

  • Thank you for staying calm with that customer. I appreciate that you kept smiling despite the customer’s rudeness.
  • Thank you for continuing to provide excellent and prompt assistance.
  • Your professional and timely responses to our questions helped to enhance our services and we are grateful to you for being there (available) for us.
  • Thank you for taking the time to talk with us, your feedback has helped us. We look forward to your continuous support and assistance.
  • You provided excellent customer service to Mr. X. You patiently listened to his requests and responded in a timely and professional manner. You also provided product information immediately. I appreciate how you handled this situation.”
  • Thank you for smiling at each customer and remaining calm even on hectic days. I know it gets hard sometimes, and I appreciate your willingness to stick it out each day.
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