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Ayurvedic Medicine at UConn Health
Photo of AyurvedaAyurvedic medicine is the world’s oldest comprehensive medical system that originated in India. The health & wellness (preventative medicine) part places importance and provides tools for proper diet & nutrition, yoga, mental health (meditation, spirituality), use of herbs and spices, daily and seasonal routines, behavioral sciences and their influence on health. It emphasizes the importance of nature and teaches how to keep balances in life.

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Workplace Workouts for You
Need a break and can't get away? Here are some quick and easy lunch options for you.

Office Yoga.
Provides a little mid-day relief from  work as well motivating you to start or continue with a yoga practice. Provided by yogadownload.com
woman doing an office workout10 Minute Office Workout. If you are feeling stress from your day try this workout to rejuvenate!

Workout >
woman working out10 Minute Metabolism Boost. Fire up your metabolism with this mix of slow strength moves and explosive plyometric exercises.

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Human Resources, through Know Better Place offers a variety of services that assist employees in maintaining or improving their health.

Emotional Health

  • Employee Assistance Program
    UConn Health provides assessment, brief counseling and referral services in strategic locations around the state.
  • Resolving Conflict
    Are you having conflict issues in the workplace? It is not necessarily a bad thing. UConn Health provides a variety of resources and services to our employees.

Physical Health

  • Just Move
    Know Better Place, in partnership with the Pat and Jim Calhoun Cardiology Center is pleased to continue to offer our very successful physical activity campaign, Just Move, created especially for UConn Health  employees.
  • Get to the Core with Pilates
    Know Better Place is pleased to extend Pilates classes to UConn Health employees.
  • Community Programs
    UConn Health offers a full range of community health programs designed to educate and increase public awareness of wellness and disease prevention.
  • Lactation Resources at Work
    Know Better Place is pleased to provide information on several UConn Health locations available for use as Lactation Rooms.

Additional Resources

  • UConn Health Commuting
    Are you ready to improve your drive time, save money? A better commute can mean improvements to our environment, the economic climate and improved quality of life for everyone.

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