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Work-Life Balance

For today's jobholders, work-life balance is not just a catchphrase; it's a way of being. Most of us say we strive to maintain it, but many of us are still figuring out how to juggle it all. The good news is that Know Better Place is ready to help you decrease stress and create a better balance between the demands of your job and enjoyment of your life outside of work.

How can Know Better Place help you? Know Better Place has compiled and is pleased to offer you a variety of initiatives, resources and information in the area of work-life balance right at your fingertips on this page. Please visit often as it will be updated frequently with the most current information available.


Providing care for another adult, whether it be a parent or spouse, is a complex responsibility. Taking care of yourself while managing your loved one's health, legal and financial duties can present a variety of challenges. But it doesn't have to.

Links to fun and interesting places right in your back yard; when you have nothing better to do.

Financial Services
During these tough economic times take advantage of resources that can help guide your financial planning and stay on track.

From choosing the right care for your child to parenting a tween or teen

Pet Care
Looking for general pet care guidelines, hints on finding animal-friendly rental housing, or advice on coping with the death of your beloved companion? You've come to the right place.

Now, more than ever, is the time to give back. Find a volunteering opportunity that fits your schedule and interests.

Workplace Wellness
Human Resources, through Know Better Place offers a variety of services that assist  employees in maintaining or improving their health.

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Photo of a business woman juggling"There was a man who visited a circus. When he saw the clown balancing several objects simultaneously, he was so impressed he sought out the clown after the show. The man asked the clown how he managed to keep all the objects in such perfect balance. The clown replied that he wasn't balancing the objects at all; he was trying to keep them all from crashing the ground." - Charlotte Burton

   Work-Life Balance can help you:
  • Improve your morale
  • Increase your productivity and job satisfaction
  • Strengthen your working relationships and encourage teamwork
  • Create an environment in which you are likely to take initiative
  • Allow you to contribute and showcase your best assets and skills
  • Reduce your stress and burnout
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